Thursday, May 29, 2014

Teenagers Web Series

Teenagers (2014)

Created by Mathew Murray and Sara Tamosauskas

Cinematography by Dmitry Lopatin

Edited by Mathew Murray

EPISODE ONE: Bree struggles with peer pressure as her friends Olive and Sara lead her into trouble. Ash, the school heartthrob, meets Bree at a bus stop after receiving a mysterious phone call from his old fling Mellisa, while T, a quiet pizza boy, becomes smitten by Olive when he delivers her a pizza.

Emmanuel Kabongo
Chloe Rose
Dana Jeffrey
Nykeem Provo
Allyson Pratt
Nick Stojanovic
Raymond Ablack
Jordan Johnson-Hinds
Ronnie Rowe
Josh Horvath
Garrett Hnatiuk
Jas Dhanda
Kelly McCormack
Samora Smallwood
Katrina Knight
Karl Campbell
Simon Raymond
John Iwasin
Arlene Duncan


Stay tuned for EPISODE THREE coming Sunday, January 26th!


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